quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Save the Human!!

Here I am again, writing some boring stuff for you guys! Just kidding!

For the last few hours, Twitter and Facebook have been down, right at the moment I wanted to share something with the world, about my rage against my almost remodeled house who tends to threat to end after I leave my current one. By being without these two web sites, I started to think about how the world would be without Internet, or better, what would happen to human race if all modern communication systems, by some strange phenomenon, would suddenly go down, with all the satellites and stuff in between.

On the negative side, my friends, I believe Chaos would be the answer. Stock markets would crush, worsening the crisis to standards we may not be able to deal with for a long time; companies would close down, world security would be at risk; people would run into the supermarkets grabbing everything they could as well as robbing everything in everywhere; starvation would take place because the lack of natural resources in populated areas, some would think aliens attacked us, others that a natural phenomenon would end the world, money may start to be worth nothing, or worth so much that would be impracticable, and so on… I would really have to reflect about this for some time before I can be close to imagine the real impact it may have. All I know is that it would represent such a change, that most of us would have a hard time adapting to it, and it would significantly reduce human population.

On the bright side, I believe this change would symbolize, in time, a return to the Nature. Ancient people like the Egyptian, and current nomad civilization like the Tibetans and african tribes, understand the balance of Nature and respected it above all, worshipping gods that symbolized water, land, sun, life…. As a matter of fact, the few nomad tribes that still exist, understand this. They know that altering this balance would be catastrophic, so they live in such a communion with Nature and with its cycle, understanding it is so much greater than them, that they would not even think about threatening it.

Human kind, somehow lost this respect along the way, as we “evolved”, and grew bigger than ourselves, to an unconsciousness state, where we went blind to the consequences of our obsession with control, creation and manipulation. We seem numb to life, running against the natural law of Nature, that is the survival of the strongest. What does it take for us to realize that everything has a cycle? Are we so cynical that we think we are stronger than Nature?.... We are Nature! Are we so irrational and illogical that we don’t understand that life will go on with or without us? Are we really so naturally self-destructive that we can’t see we're building walls instead of bridges?

Change will eventually come, and it’s starting to show in our life time. We need to rediscover our role in the ecosystem, because if we don’t have one, Nature will find a way to wipe us out of the face of this planet, and I truly believe that with our “biggest brain of the animal kingdom”, we will come to our senses and turn this route we are taking upside down.

Let’s protect the Human Race for a change (so we can truly protect everything else)!!

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  1. Great post my darling, what you said is tottaly true and we need to hear it sometimes. Who else has to do it but us?
    Thank you, god don' wish us a world without internet, it would be chaos and we would go with it. But yes, we need to work in the opposite side that we are right now!Keep going with the good work!
    (já n podes dizer q n tens comentários, haha xP)