quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Free Tibet

The most peaceful people ever have been, for the last 50 years, oppressed by the Republic of China. Genocides, tortures, exploration, control, almost everything that goes against the human rights, is happening on Tibet. Women are been sterilized and forced to abort, anyone that speaks his mind is tortured, arrested, or killed and their family is threatened. There is no religion freedom, no cultural freedom, no freedom of speech. No freedom for the Tibetans that are still living there. If they want to work or to study, they are forced to learn Chinese in an attempt to eradicate the Tibetan language and culture.

The Tibetans that managed to escape and refuge on India or Nepal, have to cross the Himalayas by foot. Many don’t survive the path, not only because of the hard conditions the Himalayas represent, but also because of the Chinese police force that arrest and kill the ones that are trying to cross. China has closed access to the international media, since 1989, when the last scene of violence was recorded. Since then, only one scene was captured on camera when, two tourists recorded a killing on the Himalayas crossing. The Chinese said it was in self defense!!!!!

There is one Chinese policeman for every 20 tibetans, you can imagine the control that goes on out there! They are on constant fear and stress of being caught. The psychological effects on Tibetans is causing them to be paranoid.

Turists can only go to Lahsa, the capital of Tibet, where a few monks can practice their rituals in a monastery that is highly secured by the Chinese police force in civilian clothes that make sure Tibetans won’t say anything that can compromise them.

If Tibetans want to work or to study, they are forced to learn Chinese in an attempt to eradicate the Tibetan language and culture. The Chinese government continues to say that everyone has access to education but that is not the truth. They are being totally oppressed!

The interest of China, in their obsession with economic growth, is that Tibet has many minerals in the mountains, the potencial of Hydric energy, and oil reservations. Maybe this economic interest and increased economic dependency by the other world leaders to China, is causing a numbness to the situation.

The landscape is transformed, and the climate change is very perceptible at Tibet, more than at any where else in the World.

The government of China denies every attempt to eradicate the Tibetans culture and rights. But everyone sees this, The proof is the worldwide manifestations that happen all over the world.

And be aware, many things “made in China” are made by Tibetans in forced labour that are starving and are tortured when they don’t accomplish the objectives. Please, don’t buy “made in China” products, you’ll not only be fighting against the Chinese occupation, but also will help to save jobs in your community by buying local products.

Dalai Lama is trying, for the last 50 years, a pacific approach to this cause, which China continues to ignore. Hopefully his patience will come to an end and some action will be taken soon.

For more information go to the Human Rights Watch website.