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Remodeling a house and vertical gardens

It’s going to be a year since I moved out form my mother’s home in search of my independency. For the last year, me and João, rented a house near Lisbon, and we’re a week away from moving to our new home, after 4 long months of remodeling.
Thing to consider when remodeling a house:

When you ask for a budget to a contractor, spend some time thinking about all de details you want to see in your house. Small details are easy to forget like light bowls, fake ceilings (don’t know how you call it), electricity spots, bathroom tiles, wardrobes and all the doors and drawers, baseboards, and so on.
Check your pipes and your electric supply system, to see if they need to be replaced.

Good isolation is a great step for energy saving, so choose some good windows. It may cost a little bit more at first, but you’ll safe in air conditioning, heating machines and dehumidifier (one great problem me and João faced last Winter in our current home). Your wallet as well the environment will thank you.

For me, choosing tiles to the bathrooms and toilets was the most difficult thing. I have a visualization problem. If you suffer the same, ask someone you trust with good taste for help, and don´t see everything in the store. Check out a dozen of showcases and pick the one you like. Don’t check out everything!!! (I’m serious!!!!)

A good way to save some money in decoration is to recycle furniture. Go to your grammas house, or to the house in the country side where no one goes, pick a piece of furniture and paint it. That way, not only you’ll spend very little money, but you’ll have something unique, and you’ll be able to join the old fashion with the contemporary.

Choose your kitchen well and according to the space you have. Those modern kitchens with the islands in the middle are fabulous, but if your kitchen has 12 square meters, you’ll probably won’t be able to put an island in the middle. Don’t waste time on kitchens that are not right for your home.

If your house has little space for plants, and you want to have you own apartment garden, choose a vertical one. Here are some tips from Garden Girl TV.

Well, got to go pack some boxes.

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