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Dive (almost) scary version:

It has been a while since my last post.
Today I’m going to try something different. This post will be an attempt to scare you, mainly if you’re non divers and are thinking about trying it.
I promise I’ll write a nice Dive version one of these days :)

Here follows the preparation of your dive:

  • You’ll have to dress up with a very hot suit that squeezes your body and your air ways. Trust me, you’ll be tired just from dressing it.
  • You’ll have a weight belt around your waist and tighten it up as much as you can so the lead (you’ll have one kg for every 10 kg of your body weight and than add one or two more) doesn’t fall.
  • You’ll have to dress a Buoyancy Compensator with a tank attached that weights 20 kg with compressed air of at least 200 bar. This means the air pressure inside the tank is equal to the pressure of 200 atmospheres. (small bomb behind your back ahah!!)
  • You’ll noticed several tubes coming out from the tank. Two are for breeding, (one just in case the other breeder doesn’t function or your buddy’s air runs out), one to inflate your buoyancy compensator, and another attached to a small device that tell you how much air you still have left in the tank. You’ll have yet another device attached to your pressure gauge that tells you how deep you are going.
  • The regulator (the one you breed from) and the octopus (the second regulator) make you breed from your mouth, and you have to squeeze it with your lips so it doesn’t fall.
  • It is advised to have a knife attached to your leg, so you can defend yourself against predators……… AHAH just kidding, it’s only to cut some nets from fishermen’s you might find, or to stab your buddy if he panics and tries to drown you… Kidding again :)
  • You’ll have to put a mask so you can see where you’re going, in which you have to spit into first so it doesn’t dim under water. (disgusting)
  • Then, just before you dive, you’ll have to put on some fins.

Now that you’ll all dressed up, looking like a penguin, you’ll have to put yourself on your two feet and try not to fall back with all the weight you have on your back, and walk like a penguin. Don’t try to run on those, it’s not healthy!!

Now here are some considerations your instructor will tell you while you’re sailing to the sea, a few miles from the shore.

Your first contact with the water will be scary! You’ll enter the water by a giant step or by falling back. You’ll also breed for the first time by your regulator. The air will feel heavy and cold, and will be strange to breed form your mouth. oh and I almost forgot, you'll feel the cold water getting in by your suit. If it's cold on the surface imagine down there!! heheh. Unless you'r lucky enough to be in a tropical country! Than you'll only have to worry about not cut your self on a coral and not be bitten by all the dangerous poisonouss animals you'll find.

Anyway, back to the air ways, your biggest concerne!! Because you’ll be breeding underwater, as you go deeper in the water, your body will compress, as will do your air ways. So you have to be careful not to dive very quickly, because your ear-drum might burst. To avoid this, you have to compensate that small airway by go down slowly and breath out with both your mouth and nose closed.

On the ascending, after you feel animals pass by your body without being able to identify them, and being bitten by a moray (kidding), you have to ascend very slowly, because your lungs are compressed, and need do decompress and ajust the amount of air they can carry while you breed normaly, if you suddnely go up and forget to breed your lungs might burst. If you ascend quickcly, even if you'r breeding normaly, you risk the formation of air bubble in your blood-vessels that can paralyze you or even kill you (if one goes to your brain).

Well I’m finish with this brief description. Hope you’ll like it!

And if by any chance, I was able to scare you, don’t be.

Diving gives you a sense of freedom like you have never felt before, despite of all the equipment.

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